How do I prepare my entry?

We recommend that you begin preparing your entry well in advance of the deadline. We have a preview entry form available so you can gather all the correct material before beginning your online entry. To view the entry form Click Here

What will the judges be looking for?

Judges will be looking at four areas that clearly and concisely showcase innovations:

1. Vision and goals. What business challenge or opportunity was your innovation created or implemented to address? What objectives did you set out to achieve? Was this a specific program, initiative, or investment that was launched in 2023 or 2024?

2. Focus. Does your entry focus on a specific initiative in your company? Does the entry include details that build a strong case for innovation? Does it show a clear connection between the innovation and the results?

3. Evidence-based impact. What were the business results desired and what metrics were used to measure progress and success? How did both the brand, franchisor, and franchisees benefit from this innovation? Can the judges clearly see and credibly verify the metrics and results of your entry?

4. Uniqueness. How is your initiative truly innovative? Does it describe aspects that are new and creative, such as a new-to-the-world project or a novel approach to using technology, marketing, and people resources to drive business results?

What do I need to complete my entry?

You will need to fully complete the Online Entry Form. You will also need to upload supporting creative materials (images, videos) for your campaign. At least one image or video is required.

Can I view my submission before finalizing it?

If you are logged in you can view your in-progress submission by clicking here

How often can I edit my entry?

You have access to edit and update your entry as often as you would like. All entries must be finalized and submitted before the April 5, 2024 deadline. Any entries not finalized before the deadline will not be judged.

What should you do if you as a franchisor or your franchisor client does not want to share financial results?

Consider including additional program goals or results that may have been secondary, or even unexpected. If your client does not wish to disclose financial results in terms of dollars, ask if they would be willing to share percentage gains, or some other metric that verifies, validates, or otherwise demonstrates the positive effects of the initiative or campaign. Make sure the results you are able to share connect with the goals in some capacity.

When will I know if my submission is among the finalists or a winner?

The finalists and winners will be announced and contacted by Franchise Update Media on TBD. We will notify the specified contacts that your project is among the winners.